Curriculum-General Information

Box Hill High School is committed to providing academic excellence. We cater for the individual needs of students through both our traditional and innovative programs.


Subject offerings - Year 7-10
In Year 7, in addition to the traditional core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Physical Education, all students study German, Chinese and a wide range of subjects including music, home economics and the arts.

Years 8, 9 and 10, students have a wide range of elective choices. In Year 10, students may be given the opportunity of taking one or two VCE studies in order to challenge them and prepare them better for Years 11 and 12.

Students in Year 10 also have access to an innovative program which includes studies at a TAFE institute, work experience, outdoor education, an efficient reading course and a range of cultural activities.


Subject offerings - Year 11-12
In Years 11 and 12, there is a wide range of VCE studies in Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, English, Business Studies, Humanities, the Arts and Personal Development. Both languages (German and Chinese) can be taken at both Years 11 and 12.

Box Hill High School students are trained to be critical, analytical and reflective thinkers. In addition to the traditional academic core and elective program, each child is given the opportunity to follow a sequential thematic program. This program also assists students to develop important life and study skills.


Focus and featured skills
Each year level has a unique focus and featured skills:

  Focus Featured Skills
Year 7 Night of the Notables Research Skills
Year 8 Debating and public speaking Touch typing and note-taking
Year 9 Challenge Program Examination Techniques
Year 10 ACE/Duke of Edinburgh programs Teamwork, Self Management, Work Experience 
VCE Flying higher Leadership



Advanced Access to VCE
High achieving students in Year 10 are given the opportunity of doing one or more VCE subjects in order to prepare them better for Year 11 and Year 12.
Year 11 students are encouraged to take at least one VCE Units 3 & 4 subject.


VCE General Requirements
The program of VCE Studies offered at Box Hill High School is designed to give all students the opportunity to gain entry into their chosen post-school studies and future career choice.
High achieving students in Year 9 GAPP classes and also in Year 10 classes are given the opportunity of taking one or more VCE subject in order to better prepare them for Years 11 and 12.


Victorian School of Languages
Through the Victorian School of Languages, Box Hill High School also offers the following VCE subjects, Units 1 through 4, on Saturday mornings:

•  Chinese
•  Dutch
•  Farsi (Persian)
•  German
•  Italian
•  Modern Greek
•  Vietnamese

Please note that VCE German and VCE Chinese are offered in the Box Hill High School curriculum and can be taken during the course of a normal VCE program without attending Saturday classes.


The teaching staff at Box Hill High School consider that regular homework ought to be a part of the educational program of all students for the following reasons:

•  Homework and home study provide an opportunity for students to revise and reinforce work taught in class.
•  If students are to gain maximum benefit from class lessons, preparatory work is often required. Time constraints frequently dictate that this be done at home.
•  As part of their general education, students should be assisted to develop the discipline of constructively organising out-of-class study patterns. Such study assumes greatly increased significance at senior secondary and post-secondary levels.


Time expectations

Based on a survey of teachers' expectations at each year level in the school, the following periods of time are suggested as a guide to students and parents. It is acknowledged that many other worthwhile activities make demands on students' time and therefore these times should he interpreted flexibly and serve as a guide. For example, Year 7 students should aim to average 75 minutes homework per school day. While making provision for other commitments, there is much to recommend an organised homework routine each week. Students who complete set homework more quickly than others have additional opportunity to undertake revision and learning activities.

Year 7     75 minutes
Year 8     75 minutes
Year 9     90 minutes
Year 10    120 minutes

At Years 11 and 12 proportionally greater amounts of time will usually be required depending on the subjects taken and the abilities and capacities of each student. At Years 7-10 English and Maths will usually require more homework than other subjects, partly because they are given more periods on the school timetable.


Homework Club

Every Monday and Thursday afternoon, from 3pm til 4pm, Box Hill High School staff operate a special homework club in the Resource Centre. Students receive special individual tuition where necessary and are provided with a snack as well.


The Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) provides the basis for curriculum planning in Victorian schools for Years Prep-10 and for reporting on student achievement. Box Hill High School carries out a comprehensive system of assessment and reporting for all its students.
Students are assessed continuously during the year.
Faculties use a variety of methods of assessment selected from the following:

•  Assignments
•  Class work and homework
•  Practical work
•  Oral work
•  Tests
•  Examinations

Each faculty informs the students, at the start of each course, of the assessment methods and weightings. VCE Studies are assessed according to VCAA policy.



The School provides a comprehensive report for each subject studied by the student, at the end of each semester. Reports contain information concerning student performance with regard to:


  • Completion of work requirements;
    •  Standard of work (assessment tasks);
    •  Student co-operation and organisational skills;
    •  Achievement of curriculum learning outcomes;
    •  Other relevant comments.

The opportunity also exists for parents to discuss their child's progress at other times by making an appointment to see the appropriate Year Level Co-ordinator.
•  Parent-teacher afternoons/evenings are held early in Terms 2 and 4.
•  Parents concerned about the progress of their child are welcome to contact the school at any time. They should contact the year level co-ordinator, however the Principal and Assistant Principal are also available for consultation.


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