School Council

School Council Meeting Dates for 2023


The Meetings are held in Room 103 commencing at 5pm.
Alternative meeting arrangements may apply during periods of Covid-19 restrictions.


 Term 1

 Wed 22 February

 Wed 22 March

 Term 2

 Wed 31 May

 Wed 21 June

 Term 3

 Wed 26 July (if required)

 Wed 30 August

 Wed 13 September 

 Term 4

 Wed 25 October

 Wed 29 November 

 Wed 13 December


School Council Members: 


Executive Officer

    Kellie Ind - Principal


Parent Members:

    Kaajal Fox - President / Chair

    Andrew Cameron - Vice President

    Muhammed Ali - Finance Rep

    Kim Huett

    Ashley Schwartz

    Tony Bui


Community Members:

    Shweta Pradhan
DET Members:

    Shareen Bottrell (Assistant Principal)

    Nathaniel Smith (Assistant Principal)

    Mel Nicholson (Ex officio)

    Chloe Steele (BHHS Teacher)


 Student Members:
   Taj O'Donnell










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