Our Wellbeing Team Vision 


At Box Hill High School we endeavor to provide an inclusive and positive learning environment for all our students. Fundamental to a student’s success is their emotional and social wellbeing. We support students to develop the skills for personal achievement and wellbeing through Positive Education so that they establish positive relationships, challenge unhelpful thinking, become more resilient and engage in an open mindset. All students should feel safe and supported at school. We believe students can learn from challenging experiences and develop both problem-focused and emotion-focused coping strategies. We value social justice, compassion, optimal development, fairness, self-responsibility, respect and perseverance. We want our students to be resilient, optimistic, life-long learners, curious and contributors to their communities.


Wellbeing Staff


The school has a Wellbeing Leader which is a Leading Teacher position, and they sit on the school’s leadership team supporting the premise of BHHS whole school wellbeing approach. The Wellbeing Team includes 2 full time school counsellors and a Mental Health Practitioner who are available to meet with students or parents to provide support or referrals to additional services, including school psychologists, social workers, youth workers, and other external supports.



 Felicity Shiel-Jones

 Student Services Leader



 Diana Ma

 Mental Health Practitioner


 Colin Osborn

 Student Counsellor


 Grace Ren

 Student Counsellor


Referral to the Wellbeing Team


  • Students can self-refer to the Student Wellbeing Team by visiting the Wellbeing Centre located on the third floor next to the 308/309 science rooms.
  • Principals, teachers and support staff can arrange for a referral to the Student Wellbeing Team if they have concerns about a student’s wellbeing.
  • Parents can also request wellbeing check in or appointment for their child with the Student Wellbeing Team by contacting the team via email: or via the phone.
  • In some instances, a student may be referred to an external support service. We also respect the fact that some students and parents may prefer to seek professional support independent from the school setting. In such cases, the Student Wellbeing Team values working collaboratively with external services. In all cases, we encourage parents to communicate with the school if there is a significant issue affecting their child’s health or wellbeing.


Services Available Through the Student Wellbeing Team

  • Individual counselling for students
  • Triage counselling
  • Positive mental health promotion and liaison with school-wide programs relevant to student wellbeing
  • Therapeutic for individual and group focus on stress management, anxiety and academic pressure
  • Student Support Group support with parents and young people regarding any learning, behavioural, social or emotional concerns they have.
  • Referral to external support services and specialist assessment/treatment services
  • Support for students in need (books, uniform etc).


Wellbeing Programs


The Wellbeing Team and staff facilitate and/or support a range of proactive, preventative and early intervention programs across the school. Below are examples of some of the health, wellbeing and inclusion programs scheduled during the year.

  • Breakfast Club – every Wednesday and Thursday morning before school. Sponsored by Food Bank.
  • Peer Support – our year 10 peer support leaders supporting with year 7’s high school transition throughout the year.
  • RAISE community mentoring – targeting our year 8 cohort, Raise provides young people with a caring, independent volunteer mentor who shows up each week to listen and support the student they are matched with.
  • Headspace body project – evidence-based prevention program targeting our year 9 and year 10 students who identify as female and having trouble with their body image and help reduce risk for future eating disorders.
  • EAL and International student support: support for students in managing their transition and assimilation.
  • Wellbeing Hub lunchtime activities: Monday Yoga, Tuesday DND, Wednesday Mindfulness, Thursday LGBTQIA+ club, Friday board games.
  • Health and Wellbeing theme days: whole school approach to promote health and wellbeing on key theme days such as international women’s day, IDAHOBIT day, NAIDOC week, R U Okay day, Wear it purple day, etc.

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