Our Vision and Values

School Vision
Box Hill High School is a learning community that fosters resilience, a passion for lifelong development and a commitment to impacting the world in positive ways.

Our purpose is :
•           to ensure an inclusive safe community where students and staff are respectful to each other
•           to collaborate to set and achieve challenging learning goals to create an environment where everyone can flourish
•           to equip students with the skills to be resilient and passionate life-long learners
•           to respect and consider student voice in the classroom and wider school community
•           to demonstrate school pride in the way we present and conduct ourselves
•           to develop and nurture students who are ethical, think critically and can contribute as global citizens


School Values

Respect: We show respect for other members of our school community in the way we treat others and consider the perspectives of others. Fostering a sense of belonging, we value and support diversity and build a positive and safe environment.

Creativity: We celebrate creativity in all its forms, providing opportunities for students to explore what is possible for them and the world. We nurture innovation and curiosity by encouraging students to develop original ideas and processes.

Resilience: We strive to develop resilient individuals who are able to achieve in different situations and cope with challenges. We build the confidence to solve problems and connect failure to learning. We promote positive education to build skills for a strong mind and healthy body.

Growth: We believe all students can learn and grow. We approach the world with a growth mindset in order to become adaptive and autonomous learners. Through active participation and developing skills of self-regulation growth can be achieved. We strive to be our best.





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