Naplan Guide for Windows

(This can be completed either at home or at school)


Please download the software from the following link:


Windows Download


Once the file has finished downloading, open the file or double click on it to begin the installation process.  Follow the default options:


 1. Click Next                                                     2. Click Next


3. Click Install                                                    4. Click Finish 


You should now see the green 2024 Naplan icon on your desktop.  If you have installed previous versions of the Naplan browser before on your laptop, this new version will overwrite it.


During Naplan testing, you may see this message when running the Naplan Browser.  Click Allow access.


Device Check


Before launching the app to perform the device check you must make sure your headphones are plugged in and the volume is on.


When you start the app and have connected online, you will see the Launchpad.


1. Select Device check (without login).   

2. Select the Naplan 2024 server to perform the device check on



3. Check the device screen resolution, sound and image.


4. Select Back to return to the Launchpad.






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