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We have selected the best possible device based on educational research. When student devices all have the same capabilities, teachers can deliver the curriculum consistently across all subjects or year levels. Curriculum can be centred on learning outcomes (not technical limitations) with teachers and students more productive as there is a common environment and great peer support between students and teachers. The way students enter information into a computer makes a big difference. That is why we have chosen a device that converts into a tablet and has an active stylus. An active stylus enables students to annotate images, graphs, maps, and text. It enables them to draw symbols and engage in learning areas that require non-standard characters such as Languages, Mathematics and Science, write notes and draw straight into their devices. An active stylus increases a student’s ability to produce appropriate ideas, solve problems, communicate, and build on complex ideas. This leads to improved thinking and idea synthesis.

Lenovo L13 Yoga

The L13 Yoga is a 13.3” convertible notebook that can be used as a traditional laptop or as a tablet, and comes with a built-in pen for use on the touch screen. It is a general-purpose device that is suitable for use from Year 7 through to Year 12.

Any devices purchased as part of the school notebook program are purchased through Learning with Technologies(LWT) and not through the school directly.  The laptops come with a number of benefits that we are unable to provide to BYOD devices including:

  • Diagnostic support for any software or hardware issues as they arise.
  • Re-imaging the device with a known working software suite.
  • Extended warranty and accidental damage insurance (optional extra).
  • Facilitating diagnosing and logging warranty claims.
  • All repairs completed on-site. Your student will receive a loan laptop to use whilst they wait for their laptop to be repaired so they don’t miss valuable class time.
  • Providing advice to families about what needs replacing for any insurance claims.
  • Click on the link below to order a Laptop

         Box Hill High School Laptop Portal


What to do with a damaged laptop?

For a school laptop purchased under the recommended notebook program, students can bring these to the ICT office to be assessed and a repair can be organised.


Things to note about laptop repairs:


Warranty claims are for when devices are defective without any signs of physical damage and the device is less than 3 years old.  There will usually be no cost incurred for repairs done under warranty.


Damage or insurance claims are for when a device has physical damage (Cracked screen, liquid spilt on laptop etc.). 

There will be a $100 excess to be paid before the insurance claim can be lodged.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 1:1 Program

As part of the revised Department of Education and Training guidelines regarding student devices, families attending Box Hill High School also have the option to bring your own device (BYOD) for use within classes.


If families choose to go with an alternate device other than the school preferred notebook, it must meet the minimum specifications listed below to be usable within the school and to be connected to the school’s wireless network.


  • Windows 10 capable device no more than 3 years old from when it was purchased
  • Minimum 8 hours of battery life
  • OSX Capable device no more than 3 years old from when it was purchased
  • Minimum 8Gb of RAM, 256 GB SSD
  • Student with special requirements need to take this into consideration when selecting a device. i.e. video or graphics editing
  • A full size, physical keyboard that can be directly attached to the device.
  • Chromebooks, Android or Apple tablets are not supported.
  • Touchscreen
  • 13.3” Screen or greater with minimum resolution of 1080p
  • Active Stylus – highly recommended


Devices that do not meet these requirements will be deemed inappropriate and not supported for use at BHHS. Be sure to seek advice before making a purchase if you do not clearly understand these requirements.

Please Note that any Lenovo L13 Yoga’s purchased through alternate vendors to Learning with Technologies will be considered as BYOD devices and will not have the same support as notebook program devices.


Technical Support Provision

Due to the nature of a BYOD program, and the variation between different laptop models, Box Hill High School can only provide a limited amount of support for BYOD devices including:

  • Providing access to the school’s wireless network
  • Setup access to the school’s printers from the device
  • Providing instructions and support to install the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Unable to provide any imaging services
  • Unable to provide support for any hardware or software issues that arise



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