Fees & Charges

Families are required to pay for essential items that are not funded by the government. We also rely on voluntary financial contributions to help resource our academic and co-curricular programs, improve learning spaces and assist students in need.


Essential Student Learning Items (ESLI)


Box Hill High School makes every effort to keep the cost of items and activities to a minimum and affordable for all parents. The School Council has approved the schedule below for Parent Contributions/School Fees.


The 2021 annual ESLI payment is:


  • $234 for students in Year 7
  • $84 for students in Year 8
  • $108 for students in Year 9
  • $37 for students in Year 10
  • $37 for students in Year 11
  • $37 for students in Year 12

For more information and explanation of school charges please email box.hill.hs@education.vic.gov.au


Optional Contributions


Box Hill High School offers a range of optional items and activities that are additional to the delivery of the standard curriculum. These items and activities are designed to broaden the school experience for your child. They will be made available for separate payment on Compass, either as an Event or in Course Confirmation/Payments.


These Optional Items may include but are not limited to: School Magazine, Solar Car Program, Robocup Program, Instrumental Music, Debating Club, Competitions, End of Year camps and activities, Excursions.


Voluntary Financial Contributions


Box Hill High School continues to welcome your voluntary contributions to support our school. Parent voluntary contributions play a very important role in enabling the school to offer high quality programs and to also maintain our facilities beyond what is covered by Department of Education funding.


You can make a general voluntary contribution that goes towards all of our school’s important priorities for 2021 as well as providing additional activities and services for all students. Alternatively, you can make a voluntary contribution to any of the specific priorities outlined below.


If you are able to, please give generously via Compass/Course Confirmation or contact our Business Manager. Your child will not be disadvantaged if you do not make a voluntary contribution.


All records of voluntary contributions are kept confidential as well as your decision about whether to make a contribution or not.

Building Fund – Tax-Deductible – DGR90045147 - In 2020, Building Fund donations contributed to several projects including, carpets and painting, digital projectors and air conditioners amongst other projects. In 2021 our plans are to further improve our facilities. School council has established tax-deductible gift recipient status with the Australian Taxation Office for the Building Fund
Grounds Contribution - The funding we receive from DET for this purpose is insufficient for the upkeep of our grounds and facilities, and we welcome your contribution to help maintain our grounds.
School Assistance Fund - This fund is to help provide essential educational items, optional extras or camps and excursions to support families who are experiencing financial hardship.
General Contribution - Annual outlays that support high quality educational provision for all students.


Financial Support for Families


Box Hill High School understands that some families may experience financial difficulty and offers a range of support options including Camps, Sports and Excursion Funding and State School’s Relief.


For a confidential discussion about accessing these services, or if you would like to discuss alternative payment arrangements, please contact the Business Manager, Theresa Jarvis on 9877 1177 or email box.hill.hs@education.vic.gov.au


To view DET’s policy regarding payments at government schools, see Parent Payments.


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