Respect Program

Year 7-9 Student Wellbeing RESPECT Program

Box Hill High School has an engaging and supportive student wellbeing program that is run fortnightly as a timetabled class in their form group with a regular teacher. The Program is based on key tenets of positive education and the curriculum of Respectful Relationships. It is a skill-based program that incorporates reflective thinking, communication skills and working with others. Each year has a designated wellbeing theme based on developmental needs:


Year 7 – Positive Relationships - Vision Statement:

For every year 7 student to be happy to be at school and have positive interactions with fellow peers and staff. To feel connected to the school community through a successful transition to high school where new friendships are formed and students feel encouraged by their teachers to challenge themselves in their learning environment. It is hoped that students will develop self-compassion that can assist in them building their self-identity.

Term 1: Organisational skills to assist transition to high school

Term 2: Positive Relationships with others

Term 3: Emotional Literacy

Term 4: Personal strengths


Year 8 – Gratitude - Vision Statement:

For Year 8 students to develop and practice gratitude in their daily lives and for students to be empathetic to what others value too. Create a general state of compassion and appreciation of difference within their community. For students to be aware of and challenge negative bias in themselves and others and apply that when reflecting on their learning.

Term 1: Positive Coping

Term 2: Gratitude

Term 3: Gender and Identity (Respectful Relationships)

Term 4: Positive Gender Relationships (Respectful Relationships)


Year 9 – Resilience - Vision Statement:

For year 9 students to be able to learn strategies to improve coping with challenges and disappointments that arise and begin to understand that change is a part of living. To have the confidence to tackle solving problems and take risks and to not see failure as only negative. For students to value the importance of making connections throughout their community as a vital strength in building their resilience.

Term 1: My Strengths and Positive Coping

Term 2: Emotional Literacy and Problem-solving

Term 3: Careers exploration

Term 4: Stress Management and Help-seeking

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