GAPP Pathways and Curriculum

VCE Pathways for Year 9 GAPP Students

At the end of Year 8, GAPP students will have two new subject options available to them. The options are to do VCE Maths Methods and/or Pre Med VCE Science in addition to the regular GAPP Level 3 studies. 

Places in these subjects are limited and are only available on merit. Therefore, the opportunity to do these subjects will depend on:

    • a student’s performance throughout the year in Maths and Science,

    • the results of the common test which is held during Term 4, and

    • teacher’s recommendation.

If a student is deemed suitable for these subjects, an offer will be made towards the end of Term 4. 

VCE Pathways for Year 10 GAPP students

At the end of Year 9, GAPP Level 3 students have a variety of pathways open to them for the following year. These include completing:

    • Year 10, including the ACE program, Curie Challenge or Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and GAPP Level 4 subjects.

    • A partial Year 11, including GAPP Level 4 subjects and some VCE subjects.


The choice of pathway depends on the student’s performance in their GAPP Level 3 studies. Individual classroom teachers will recommend a student’s suitability for VCE studies.

GAPP Level 4 subjects have been specifically designed to enhance, develop and extend students beyond the regular Victorian Curriculum.

VCE studies require students to be well organised and to show considerable responsibility and initiative. During Semester 2, teachers of Year 9 GAPP classes will be required to make recommendations about their students based on:

    • Academic performance

    • Ability to work independently

    • Ability to meet deadlines and submit work on time

    • Ability to be a cooperative class member and ability to listen to viewpoints of others

    • Ability to persevere with problems, complete tasks, and submit and present work to a good standard.


Each student will be individually counselled regarding career and VCE options during Term 3. Parents will be given advice at the VCE Parent Information Evening and the GAPP Parents Support Group meetings held during Term 3. Parents are also invited to discuss any matters with the Year 9 Coordinator, the Gifted Education Coordinator or the Assistant Principal.


Curriculum for GAPP Students

Pathways within the program will be determined by performance, teacher recommendations and parent/student wishes. 

GAPP Level 1 – Year 7 students

    • Parallel select entry classes working at Year 7/8 curriculum level

    • Extra LOTE/Science and fewer Art/Craft periods


GAPP Level 2 – Year 8 students

Parallel select entry classes working at Year 9 curriculum level

GAPP Level 3  - Year 9 students

  • Parallel select entry classes working at Year 10 curriculum level
  • May take advanced access to VCE e.g. Maths Methods and/or Pre Med VCE Science


GAPP Level 4 - Year 10 students  -  7 subjects:-

    • At least one GAPP Level 4 English subject.

  • Minimum of two other GAPP Level 4 subjects and a maximum of 3 other VCE Unit 1&2 subjects (with the exception of 3-4 Biology only). 

  • Can include a VET Unit 1&2 subject.

  • Choice of Curie Challenge, ACE or Duke of Edinburgh subjects


GAPP  Year 11  - 6 subjects:-

  • Maximum of 2 Unit 3&4 subjects by the end of year 11, (including any subjects done externally but excluding VCE Lab Skills)


GAPP  Year 12  - 5 subjects:-

  • May include one Higher Education Study at either Monash or Melbourne University  (subject to conditions)


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