Enrolment at Box Hill High School is consistent with government legislation and departmental policy. 

The demand for enrolment at Box Hill High School often exceeds the number of places available. The school has been allocated a designated school zone by the Department of Education & Training (DET) Regional Director and this may be subject to change each year.  Enrolment is guaranteed for those students who are permanent residents in the school zone (subject to verification processes). 


We can only guarantee enrolment for students living within our designated school zone.


Our School Zone

Findmyschool.vic.gov.au hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones.

Information on this site is updated in Term 1 each year, ready for the Year 6 to 7 transition period.

To visit the site, see: www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au

Year 7 Students

Department of Education guidelines for parents - Moving from Primary to Secondary School


Applications from Government Primary Schools

All questions regarding Year 7 enrolment at Box Hill High School should be discussed with your child's primary school.

The enrolment process for government secondary schools is managed by primary schools during the Grade 6 year.

At the start of Term 2, parents of students in Grade 6 will receive from their primary school, paperwork regarding transition to Year 7. The Year 7 Placement forms are issued by the Department of Education and Training and must be returned to the students’ primary school by the specified date.


It is the primary school Transition Coordinator's role to assist parents with the application process for enrolment. The primary school will inform parents of the application outcome in early August. Should your child be offered a place at Box Hill High School, we will be in touch during the weeks following. At this time, residential documentation will be requested.


Applications from Non-Government Primary Schools

Non-government primary schools may assist students to enrol at Box Hill High School. Alternatively please refer to the parent information on the DET website:  

Moving from primary to secondary school: information for parents   



Box Hill High School will contact future Year 7 students in the weeks after an offer in writing is received by a family. At this time, residential documentation will be requested.


Out of Zone Siblings

We are unable to guarantee enrolment for siblings from outside our designated school zone until such time that we can confirm our in-zone enrolments.

Enrolment availability for siblings from out of zone will be dependent on:

  1. the number of in-zone enrolments for Year 7.
  2. the number of places available in Year 7, once all students within the zone have been allocated a place.


Interstate/Overseas Enquiries

Parents of Year 7 students who do not currently live in Victoria, can make an application during the Grade 6 year at their child’s new Victorian primary school or when they are living permanently in the neighbourhood.


All other enquiries are made when the student is living with their family permanently in our neighbourhood.


Year 8-12 Students

Students applying for enrolment in Years 8-12 should complete an Enrolment Enquiry form and return it via email to the Enrolment Officer, along with the documentation required to demonstrate permanent place of residential address as well as a photocopy of the student's most recent school report. For queries about Year 8-12 enrolment, please contact our Enrolment Officer by phone. 


Permanent Residential Address

Please note that an offer of a place at Box Hill High School for Year 7 is subject to providing the required documentation regarding Permanent Residential Address. This is the address at which the student permanently resides with parents or legal guardians.

Each enrolment application must demonstrate that the student lives within the designated school zone by providing an original copy of each of the following types of documentation:

  1. A current rate notice or a valid lease agreement, with a minimum 12 month lease, from a registered real estate agent in the full name/s of the parent/s or legal guardian/s. A copy of the bond receipt should also be attached.
  2. Recent utility accounts in the full name/s of the parent/s or legal guardian/s citing the permanent residential address. Presentation of two utility bills (electricity, gas and water).*
  3. Drivers’ licence in the full name/s of the parent/s or legal guardian/s citing the permanent residential address.*

    *Please note that mailing address must match residential address.


Residential Residency in Designated School Zone

It is an expectation that a family will remain permanent residents within the designated school zone for the duration of their child’s education at Box Hill High School.


English Language Assistance

English Language Schools (ELS) are government primary and secondary schools that cater for new arrival students who are from language backgrounds other than English (LBOTE). Students attend an English Language School for an intensive transition program in English Language prior to enrolment in a mainstream school. The aims are to teach students the language and learning skills to successfully meet the educational demands of schooling and to prepare them for participation in the wider school community.

Students who qualify for English Language assistance will be directed to a government funded language school and subsequent enrolment at government secondary school will be managed by the language school.

Please refer to Blackburn English Language School or any of the government-funded Language schools listed on the DET website. 



Further Information

For further information, please discuss with your child's primary school or language school. If you have a specific query which can't be addressed by your child's school during their Grade 6 year or during their time at their language school, please contact our Enrolment Officer via phone to our School Reception or via email on: Noelene.Patterson-Dodge@education.vic.gov.au

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