School Expectations


When a student is sick and will be absent from school, parents/guardians must advise the school by either entering the absence on Compass, calling the school and leaving a message on the absence hotline, or by sending the relevant Junior or Senior School Support officer an email.  Emails need to state student's full name, form, date and reason for absence.  
Our preferred method of absence approvals is on-line via Compass. 
Contact details for absences:
- email  Senior School Support  - Sonia Francis or leave a message on 9875 9139 
- email Junior School Support - Fiona Fuller or leave a message on 9875 9114

Students who arrive late to school must sign in using their Student ID card on the Compass Kiosk. Students then must go to the junior or senior team office to have their pass signed before going to class.  Students who have forgotten to bring their Student ID card will still need to obtain a late pass from the attendance officer in the junior or senior team offices.
Students who wish to leave a class for a purpose such as going to lockers, toilets or the resource centre, require written permission from their teacher.  Unless there are exceptional circumstances, such written permission will be given by a note in the student's diary.

Homework is a teacher-assigned and teacher-monitors learning experience that takes place outside the classroom.
Students may be expected to complete unfinished class work at home, but they may also be expected to complete research tasks, assignments and revision for tests and exams that consolidate their learning, organisational and study skills.

Leaving Early

Permission to leave early will usually only be granted if a written request from home is produced. We impose this restriction in the interests of safety of students and having regard to our responsibilities to parents/guardians.
In this regard, we request parents/guardians ask for permission for students to leave school during the day only if absolutely necessary. Again we stress the importance of unbroken attendance at all classes unless ABSOLUTELY unavoidable.
If students do need to leave school early, they must bring a note signed by parent/guardian. Students without notes or permission will not be permitted to leave the school grounds.
If a student is unwell during school hours and needs to go home, they must report to the First Aid Officer in the General Office. Once the parents/guardians have been notified, the student will sign out in Sonia's Office. Students must not ring directly home for parents to come and get them.


Our school Canteen is centrally located in our quadrangle, allowing easy access and stylish cafe seating, and is open for both recess and lunch.

We have plenty to offer. Great healthy options include sushi, yoghurt, home made soup, foccacias, rolls, wraps, sandwiches, daily specials, water, milk, juices and more.
Students should visit the canteen to view our daily specials board. Please note our specials will vary each week, to provide for a variety of tastes.
To ensure you don't miss out on your favourite special, we encourage students to write up a lunch order. Write your name, year level and order on a brown bag. Change will be given. Please place your order in the slot at the canteen window, or otherwise drop your order off at recess.
Parent helpers are always welcome at our canteen. We encourage your support. It is a wonderful way to meet the children and be part of the school community. If you would like to help out in our canteen, please give us a call on 9875 9142 so we can include you in our roster or send us an email. Your help and support would certainly be appreciated.

Health and Safety

Students are not permitted to possess or smoke cigarettes, possess or use or be under the influence of alcohol or unprescribed drugs or other substances harmful to health, at school, on school excursions, or in transit between school and home. Cigarette lighters are also forbidden at school.
If students are taking prescribed medication it is essential that the medicine involved be left at the General Office.

Students should be aware at all times of the need for safety and care at school, and to and from school. If a student becomes aware of a possible health and safety risk, this should be entered in the appropriate book in the General Office.
Students who become ill at school should report to the General Office to see the School’s First Aid Officer. First Aid assistance will be given, but if necessary, parents will be called to collect unwell students.
We ask most strongly that a student NOT be sent to school if they show signs of being unwell.
It is essential that a current emergency phone number is listed on each student’s record on our computer system.
Any change to the home address or telephone number, or to the emergency contact person, should be notified in writing to the office immediately.


Students are allocated a locker at the beginning of every year.

They are responsible for providing a good quality lock, and should leave a spare key, appropriately labelled with the students name, with their Year Level Coordinator.

Lost Property

Any articles found at school should be handed in to the Resource Centre. Lost keys are kept at the General Office. It is recommended that valuables NOT be brought to school.

Sports days

The two inter-house sports days, Swimming and Athletics, are highlights of the school year and VCE students have the opportunity to provide direction and leadership at these events. Attendance is compulsory at these events and students are also encouraged to participate in Round Robin tournaments throughout the year.


Box Hill High School is ideally located on public transport routes.
The school is a three minute walk from Laburnum Station. As well, Box Hill High School is well serviced by buses. Buses to Doncaster and Box Hill Central stop outside the school. A bus for Knox City and Forest Hill is a five minute walk away along Middleborough Road.

Students can obtain a concession for travelling to school. An application form should be obtained from the railway station, completed, with 2 current photos of the student affixed to the form, then brought to the General Office for verification. The form cannot be verified unless the student is actually in attendance at the school.
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