Second hand books and uniforms

Do you want to recycle or buy second-hand Uniforms and Books?

The Sustainable School Shop provides a secondhand uniform service for our school.


To buy and sell second hand textbooks and uniforms, you can register on-line with the Sustainable School Shop and place an ad.  For further information the web address is:  It is very straight forward and easy to use for trading both uniforms and books, as well as other items which may be of interest to other school parents. 

For a Sustainable School Shop brochure, click here (pdf)


There are several ways you can find out what is currently available for sale with Sustainable School Shop.

  1. The uniform Stocktake summary is a quick way to browse the availability of secondhand uniforms that are for sale on the Sustainable School Shop website: ( This Stocktake can be automatically emailed to you each month, by simply registering/logging-in to the Sustainable School Shop website, clicking the blue 'Stocktake' button and following a couple of prompts, there is no cost.  Uniform items turn over quickly and are always in demand. Any items you list for sale on the website will appear in the Stocktake too. Secondhand uniforms are always sought after and greatly appreciated. 
  2. Sustainable School Shop have developed another tool to assist schools and families using their second-hand uniform trading system.  Below is a hyperlink that is unique to our school and when clicked it will present an up to the minute, uniform Stocktake Report that shows all the school’s second-hand uniforms items that are currently listed for sale on the Sustainable School Shop.  Hyperlink:

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