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Principal  Losh Pillay

Assistant Principal

Senior School

Theresa Iacopino 

Assistant Principal 

Junior School

Kellie Ind

Business Manager

Mel Nicholson



Junior School

Student Engagement Leaders  Alicia-Lee Arnold​​​​​​​
 Nicholas Barca
Year Level Coordinators
                             Year 7
                             Year 8
                             Year 9
 Julio Acebron
 Eleanor Smith​​​​​​​
 Nic Rees
Junior School Admin Support  Kiran Tibb​​​​​​​

Senior School
Student Engagement Leaders  Stefanie Bear
 Erica Sporri​​​​​​​
Year Level Coordinators
                             Year 10
                             Year 11
                             Year 12
 Brenton Aisbett

 Connor O'Sullivan
 Amy Longden

Senior School Admin Support  Tanya Notman

Careers Transition and Pathways 10-12
 Anna Langley



Student Wellbeing


 Felicity Shiel-Jones​​​​​​​
 Bowen Guan

 Colin Osborn​​​​​​​
 Tiffany Casey
International Students
 Darren Yap
Daily Organiser
 Andrew Howlett

Enrolment Officer
 Noelene Patterson-   Dodge


Parents can view and approve absences via Compass or  alternatively email or call:

 Sonia Francis

03 9875 9139


03 9877 1177






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