Contact Key Staff


 Acting Principal   Kellie Ind


 Assistant Principal

 Senior & Middle School

 Shareen Bottrell 

 Assistant Principal 

 Junior School

 Erin Gleeson

 Assistant Principal 


 Nathaniel Smith


 Business Manager

 Mel Nicholson


 Junior School

 Head of Junior School  Nicholas Barca
 Year Level Coordinators
                          Year 7
                          Year 8
 Lucy Maxwell
 Shamaine Ng
 Assistant YLC  Yumin (Minnie) Zeng
 Junior School Admin  Support  Kiran Tibb​​​​​​​
 Middle School
 Head of Middle School  Stefanie Bear
 Year Level Coordinators
                         Year 9
                         Year 10
 Emily Wilkinson
 Jake Barnett
 Assistant YLC  Bec Kertes
 Middle School Admin   Support

 Janine Adey (Mon- Tue)

 Kylie McCall (Thu-Fri)

 Senior School    
 Head of Senior School  Jessica Sheppard

 Year Level Coordinators
                        Year 11

                        Year 12

 Arabella (Bella)   Thompson
 Eleanor Smith
Assistant YLC Luke Jenner
 Senior School Admin   Support  Sharon O'Connell

 Careers Transition &   Pathways 10-12
 Fiona Fuller



 Student Wellbeing


 Felicity Shiel-Jones​​​​​​​
 Bowen Guan

 Colin Osborn​​​​​​​
 Tiffany Casey
 International Students
 Darren Yap 
 Daily Organiser
 Erica Sporri


 03 9877 1177

 Attendance information is to be directed to the relevant Sub School.

 Parents can view and approve absences via Compass

 OR alternatively email or call the relevant Sub School as per below:

 Junior School  Kiran Tibb​​​​​​​

 03 9875 9114

 Middle School

 Janine Adey(Mon- Tue)

 Kylie McCall (Thu-Fri)

 03 9875 9186

 Senior School  Sharon O'Connell

 03 9875 9136






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