Year 7/G1

Subjects at Year 7

All students in Year 7 study the following subjects:

English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, HPE, Sport, Chinese, German, Food Technology, Information Technology, Art, Music and English as an Additional Language (EAL) (as required).   


Introduction to Year 7

Starting high school is a very important part of a child's life. At Box Hill High School we do our best to make transition from primary school to secondary school an enjoyable experience.

There are many ways in which we support and encourage our students:



Orientation Day

Orientation day for incoming Year 7 students takes place in December the year before they begin. A special day of classes is organised for the students. They are organised into their form groups and are introduced to the facilities in the school. Students have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their classrooms and to have introductory classes with some of the teachers. During this day, students are taught how to read the daily timetables which is a new experience for them and are briefed on the school rules.




Year Level Assembly and Junior School Assembly

Year 7 students meet once a term in a Year 7 Level Assembly.  This will be an opportunity to obtain feedback about how the year is going as well as information about past and upcoming events and activities.



All students and parents have access to school information via Compass.  There is a daily Newsfeed for both parents and students, as well as access to the daily timetable of classes and special events.  Payments for these events can also be made via this site.  Parents and students can email teachers via Compass and assignment work and due dates are also available to be viewed on Compass. Students can keep their own record of work due on the Compass taskbar, although a paper diary is recommended to aid organisation. Interim and Semester reports are also available via Compass.


Study Skills and Organisational Workshop

The school engages Elevate to run Study Skills, Note Taking and Organisation skills sessions at various stages throughout the year.


Peer Support Program

A Peer Support Program is utilised to support the new year 7 students.  Selected Year 10 Box Hill High School students are trained by the Peer Support and Welfare Co-ordinators to encourage and guide Year 7 students.  Activities include team building games, approaches to bullying which complement the Pastoral Care program and general information sessions. These meetings are held five or six times in term 1 and 3, and four times in term 2.


Orientation Camp

Very early in Term 1, all the year 7 students and a selected group of Peer Support Leaders attend an Orientation Camp for three days. This is a fantastic opportunity for teachers and students to get to know each other. This is held at a fully catered venue, which has great facilities and specialises in initiative activities. In small groups the students rotate through a range of activities such as a ropes course, flying fox, snorkelling, sea kayaking, beach safety, rock pool rambling, archery, and peer related activities. In the evenings students play games, participate in a trivia night and hold a concert on the last evening. It is great to see students return to school with a greater sense of confidence in relating to their peers and teachers.


Family Picnic Evening

Not long after camp, parents, students and teachers are invited to a Year 7 Family Picnic Evening at the school. It is a great opportunity for parents to meet with parents of their child's friends and with teachers.


GAPP Parent Support Group

A GAPP Parent Support Group meets two evenings per term to clarify and explore specific needs.


Parent/Teacher Contact

Throughout the year, parents are welcome to contact the Year Level Co-ordinator via Compass or phone (9877 1177) about any issue concerning their child's social or academic progress.



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