Alumni Reunions website

Our Box Hill High School Reunion website is here:

Feel free to apply for full membership with Reunion website privilege (open to all BHHS graduates) to permit access to class member bios and other privileged information.  Full membership will also permit you to post your own bio and photos so that classes that were either before or after 1960 can participate on this site and help build the BHHS-community of reunion memories… helping to keep the reunion site up-to-date with local events and contact information.

Our site needs some additions, bios, photos, photo captions, etc., etc.  Please identify the album photos per Album Title, and then the Row number and picture number in the album page to provide the identification of the individuals, etc. as well as a caption you desire.    For example, photos should be identified as follows: Album Title; Row 1-#3, etc.  You’ll also note that bios, pranks, etc. are only available to registered members and the site is fully monitored to eliminate objectionable material, etc.

Thanks for visiting, and remember “Ad Altiora Certamus”!



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