RFQ/RFT - MFD Photocopiers

BHHS 2024 School Council has issued a Request for Quote/Request for Tender in relation to MFD Photocopiers for the school. Please click "Read more" below for further information.

Request for Quote/Request for Tender background and details are available in the PDF document below:

RFQ/RFT for MFD Photocopiers - Box Hill High School.

Additional PDF attachments:

Attachment 1: School Council Agreement 
Attachment 2: 2024 Print Summary 
Attachment 3: 2023 Print Summary 
Attachment 4: 2022 Print Summary 
Attachment 5: 2021 Print Summary 

Tender Closing Date: 14th July 2024

Dates for installation to be negotiated with the successful applicant.

Further information or queries should be directed to the Business Manager, Mel Nicholson, email box.hill.hs@education.vic.gov.au or tel 03 9877 1177.

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